The three instructors are considered “thought leaders” in the organization design, innovation management, and information technology product design fields.

Bill wrote in 1978 “Sociotechnical Systems- A Sourcebook” with Jack Sherwood, followed with dozens of articles and books in the organization design and development fields, along with extensive consulting to senior executives; Stu starting in human factor engineering designing new plants and product development work designs, ran HP’s Factory of the Future effort in the 90s and created new innovative organization designs in the Silicon Valley and elsewhere, along with a steady stream of publications; Dean, co-founder of the product design firm IDEO, worked with Steve Jobs on designing the first mouse, a pioneer in the design thinking field, and has worked in executive positions, including CEO and venture capital roles, in the tech sector.

Stu Winby

CEO Spring Network

Stu Winby is CEO of Spring Network, an organization strategy and innovation design firm headquartered in the Palo Alto in the Silicon Valley.   He is an internationally recognized expert in organization design and innovation management, helps domestic and global corporations create capability for competing in today’s turbulent environment.  His work focuses on the areas of strategy and organization at the corporate, business unit, and international levels, mainly with the CEO and executive teams. He has authored numerous articles and book chapters. He has held executive roles in the tech sector.  Stu Winby received degrees from San Jose State University in California, with additional graduate studies at Stanford University.

Bill Pasmore

Professor of Practice at Teachers College, Columbia University. Senior Vice President at the Center for Creative Leadership. CEO of Advanced Change.

Bill Pasmore has been advising leaders for nearly forty years. He is actively involved in delivering services to clients as a coach to CEOs and senior leaders and trusted advisor to executives and boards in matters pertaining to leadership, succession planning, board effectiveness, organizational design, strategic combinations, executive development, and change. He holds the position of Professor of Practice at Teachers College, Columbia University. Bill is also Senior Vice President at the Center for Creative Leadership with a focus on advising CEOs, Boards and executive teams. He heads the consulting firm, Advanced Change. Before joining Columbia and CCL, he was a senior partner with the New York-based consulting firm, Oliver Wyman Delta Consulting, and prior to that, a tenured full professor in the School of Management at Case Western Reserve University. He has authored/edited 30 books on organization development

Dean Hovey


Dean Hovey is an accomplished high-tech founder, entrepreneur and CEO with over 40 years of Silicon Valley start-up experience. He is known for his creativity, product acumen, customer insights and co-founding the product design firm IDEO. He has held executive positions in public and private companies and led the team that designed Apple’s first mouse. His diverse business experience includes retail, innovation consulting, business development, general management, and venture capital.  During the early nineties Dean served as general partner of Avalon Ventures, a premier seed capital fund sponsored by the venture firms Kleiner Perkins, IVP, and Sequoia Capital. Dean has been awarded several patents including the patent for Apple’s mouse.  He earned BS and MS degrees from Stanford University in Product Design.